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Reach Mastery and Achieve Complete Musical Freedom – Learn To Play, Improvise, Write, and Compose Any Style You Want

Learn Your Styles With Made-To-Measure Music Lessons

I tend to attract ambitious students who not only want to play music but have complete musical freedom. To play, improvise, write, and compose in any style they want. To play easily by ear and have an understanding of what they’re playing to the point of conveying any emotion they want.

It is extremely popular today for all kinds of music creators to fuse different musical styles from all over the world or to take the musical complexity to the extreme – All while still being innovative, tasteful, and unique.

Learn The 3 Milestones Of Musical Mastery​




Learning music and reaching new levels of understanding should not be hard. Most teachers and online courses may get you 1 or 2 of the milestones, but many times they fail to complete all 3. This is one of the reasons why most people take so much time to get the results they want (If they don’t lose all motivation before that). Instead, when you focus on the three aspects; Knowledge, Understanding, and Application, you get to learn faster and can quickly gain ability.

Once you have the ability, it’s only a matter of time and practice to attain full control and reach musical mastery!

Achieve Complete Musical Freedom With A Unique Approach

Music is much more than just a piece of paper. It’s a universal language that has been used throughout history to tell stories. Thousands of legends, great achievements, romantic stories, and tragedies have been told through music. It has the power to evoke many different emotions in people – Achieving musical freedom gives YOU the power of emotion. However, the traditional approach with long, slowly paced, and boring books can hinder and limit this deep understanding. This is no “one-size-fits-all kind of lesson.

Rather than taking a traditional approach with hundreds of slow and boring lessons, a more straightforward approach with simple directions and custom exercises will give you your desired results.

Music Theory

All music is fundamentally similar. Learn the patterns and aspects that connect all styles and deepen your connection with music.

Piano Lessons

Classical, Jazz, or Pop Piano? Improve your understanding and enhance your music skills with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced piano lessons.

About Daine Jordan

Music Is Meant To Be Shared

When I initially began piano lessons I wasn’t very motivated. I hated the lessons and practicing to the point that teachers wanted to let go of me (it seems that many students shared a similar sentiment before). Eventually, everything changed, and after thinking about what went wrong and the methods that actually worked to get me where I am today, I realized what I wanted – To become the teacher I wish I had when I was learning music.

When my students start to see results, it’s a feeling like no other. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone achieve what they thought they never could.

Resources For Students And Musicians

"6 Tips For Beginning Musicians"

Many starting musicians shy away from reading music, and for good reason; it’s usually taught in the worst way possible. But, freely communicating any musical idea should be easy.

A Few Words From My Students


Personalized piano lessons will always yield the best results. If you have ever tried free lessons and courses online, you have probably noticed how most of them are simply generic and unorganized (to the point that it becomes overwhelming). Sometimes you have to sit through information you already know, other times they go too fast or beyond your comprehension.

Many online or app-based lessons leave out vital information for a deep understanding and easy application (2 and 3rd milestones) of the techniques to put what you’ve learned into practice, and they and fail to connect the everything to the big picture of music as a whole. Also important is the 1 on 1 feedback from a human. Since music is an art of emotion transmitted from one human to another and not computer to human or human to computer.

Working together, I can evaluate your situation and make an effective custom lesson plan. 

I do things differently from the very start. First, by tailoring each lesson to the needs of each of my students and focusing on their personal interests. I manage to make classes more engaging and musically interesting. Besides, to get the best results I emphasize what other teachers don’t – I studied and combined what I learned from attending different colleges/universities for music(for a music degree), many excellent private teachers, as well as from my own studies, discoveries, and experience. Today I also love to share that insight with my students!

Online Lessons take place over Zoom. For Piano lessons, I use specialized software that allows you to see me, my hands, and the keyword. I also encourage you to do lessons on a computer with an external camera pointed at the keyboard – Most feedback can be given with just sound, but the view of the keys and hands allows me to correct fingering and technique as well.

Online lessons has some benefits over in-person lessons, including:

  1. Ability to record lessons, share screens, and online media from the computer.
  2. Use of cutting edge live casting software that shows my face, hands on the keys, and a digital keyboard highlighting the keys I’m hitting.
  3. No distance limitations!

Additionally, I provide you with an Email Lesson Plan based on discussions of the lesson and the goals of the assignments.

No, but I highly recommend you at least know the basics of the piano. Many musicians have different primary instruments yet still learn some piano because of the many benefits it has in the world of music. Music colleges even require piano proficiency no matter what your primary instrument is. This is because music theory is heavily influenced by the piano and provides the best means to explain the concepts since it’s the closest instrument to an orchestra playable by one person.

I can teach you on any instrument, even voice, but I’d probably include some piano proficiency exercises in our lesson plan so that you can understand the theoretical concepts in a more tangible way, then you can apply it, and practice it on the instrument of your choice.

Yes. For younger kids I use a series of method books that move faster, challenging them to think creatively and musically, rather than just learning boring songs week after week.

Parents should be present for anyone under 18 for online or in-person lessons.

Yes, I do. I offer private lessons in Orange County. From San Clemente to Irvine (and everything in between).

You can come to me or I can come to you for an additional fee based on distance.

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