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1-on-1 Piano Lessons Tailored To Your Goals – Think Creatively And Musically Rather Than Just Learning Boring Songs Week After Week.

Any Reason Is A Good Reason To Start Playing Piano

Not everyone has the same goals nor the same reasons to start learning the piano. However, one thing remains true: Any reason is a good reason. If you want to become a master pianist, that’s fine! If you want to learn piano for the sake of learning a new skill, go ahead! And if you want to play the piano just for your personal enjoyment, perfect! At the end of the day, music is an art of emotion communicated from one person to another. Whatever your goal is, the only way to really know how your music is connecting to someone else is to get constructive feedback from someone experienced.

Learn With Made-To-Measure Piano Lessons
Your Style. Your Choice.

Nothing beats one on one lessons if you’re truly serious about something. You get constant feedback based on your specific situation and goals. I’ve taught dozens of students and each one had very different challenges and goals so there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to learning piano (or any kind of music lessons, for that matter). It’s a subjective art and everyone has different tastes.

The truth is that you will get the best results when working with someone who takes the time and attention to coach you privately.

Duke Ellington Jazz

Jazz Piano Lessons

Attune yourself to the cool and classy sound and of Jazz. Understand the theory and and techniques to learn to play Jazz Piano.
Pop Piano Concert Small

Pop Piano Lessons

Pop Piano is a more modern way to play the piano. This is a satisfying way to develop your ear, express yourself, and feel the progress.
Piano Concerto

Classical Piano Lessons

Classical piano lessons emphasize sheet music reading skills and technique. Musically speaking, classical piano is beautiful and timeless.

How Do Online Piano Lessons Work?

Online Lessons take place over Zoom. While not necessarily required, I encourage you to do lessons on a computer with an external camera pointed at the keyboard. Most feedback can be given with just sound but the view of the keys and hands allows me to correct fingering and technique as well. Payment for lessons is pre-paid monthly via electronic payment (PayPal/Venmo).

The Advantages Of Virtual Piano Lessons Over In-person Lessons

The Best Piano Lessons Are Musically Interesting and Mentally Engaging

Reading boring books and practicing songs that you don’t like is discouraging (and it’s even worse if you do this lesson after lesson, week after week). It is only natural that you’ll reach a point in which you feel like you are not moving forward.

Instead, my aim is to continually teach you exactly what you want to know, no matter what aspect while never overcomplicating it. I’ll show you the exact specific technique you need to get the sound you want.

With customized piano lessons, you won’t become discouraged. If you want to learn jazz piano, you won’t be forced to practice classical. If you’re into pop music, or movies and video game music, then that’s the approach that we will take. At the end of the day is about finding what works for you.

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