Lessons For Arrangers and Composers

These two different arts are very related, yet both contain their own challenges and approaches. Arranging and composing both require solid music theory understanding. They both require putting together scales, notes, chords, and rhythms, except for one fundamental difference; Composing means starting a piece of music from scratch while arranging uses pre-existing music as a basis.

Arranging – Working With Pre-existing Music

Other similar terms for this are covers and remixes. It can be as simple as changing some of the instruments to completely rethinking the harmony and chords, rhythm, melody, structure, texture, and style. You can make a dance song into a ballad, make a pop song a classical masterpiece, update older music to a modern hit, turn a rock and roll song into a classy jazz tune, and much more.

Your imagination is the limit! Music theory is heavily involved in arranging. From understanding the harmonies, melody, and rhythmic intention of the original piece, to knowing the many ways to alter and variate the material to suit your personal style.

Composing – Making Music From Scratch

It’s up to you to come up with the idea and develop it into a full- ledged musical journey. You’re free to go in any direction you want and use any emotion in your musical palette. Chord progressions are based on patterns, and you can instantly write and substitute many chords with the right tools.

Once you learn and understand the fundamentals of music, you will know how to write captivating chords and melodies that inspire – Chords are the foundation, but melody is king – You can learn how to take the progression wherever you want it to go and achieve mastery by understanding natural tensions and resolutions of the scales and chords, as well as using inversions, voicings, texture, ranges, and rhythm to your advantage.

Real World Arranging And Composing

Private lessons will help with these goals in many ways, from analyzing and understanding the works of others, to composing and arranging exercises, as well as practice in real world composition and arranging with feedback and critique on the work completed by the student.

We will focus on compositions and arrangements in the styles you’re interested in, whether classical, jazz, or modern music of various styles. We can even fuse these styles if you wish!

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