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Piano is way more than just a bunch of keys being played in a coherent succession. Since the beginning of time, music has been used as a tool for communication and a way for us to express emotions. Music is way more than just a bunch of rhythmic sounds or pieces of paper. In fact, even academics find music hard to define because a single definition can’t really encompass all the subjective aspects of music and the human psyche. One thing is clear though, it moves us. And that’s why I love teaching: because I get to share my passion of music and the secrets and techniques behind what I do so that YOU can use music to move others!

Not every teacher is the same. Some teachers focus on theory, others focus on technique, but there are those that focus on the student. As a piano instructor I can tell you this: By focusing on what you as a student want and need, it becomes much easier to make real substantial progress.

By practicing and focusing on each student’s strengths and preferences, each lesson becomes more interesting and mentally engaging.

Piano & Music Lessons Tailored To Your Goals

Personalized piano lessons will always yield the best results.

If you have ever tried free lessons and courses online, you have probably noticed how most of them are simply generic and unorganized (to the point that it becomes overwhelming). Sometimes you have to sit through the information you already know, other times they go too fast or beyond your comprehension. Because of this, many students lack the fundamental skills required to achieve musical freedom.

Working together, I can evaluate your situation and make an effective custom lesson plan. Each plan adapts to your specific situation and takes your personal preferences into account. This means that we will focus on getting you where you want to be, musically speaking, without wasting energy and countless hours on lessons that won’t help you very much.

Each student’s goals are different, but many times it includes some or all of the following:

Music Theory Header

Music Theory

From the technical aspects to the human psyche. Music is a vast topic with limitless possibilities.

Piano Lessons

Improve your understanding and enhance your music skills with Beginner to Advanced piano lessons.


Learn the art of creating music in the spot. Melody and rhythm not bound by preparation and academic limitations.

Songwriters and Producers

Introducing musicality and deep musical understanding gives you absolute freedom.

Daine Jordan’s Methodology

If you're looking for piano lessons in Irvine that are tailored to your unique goals, you are in the right place.

I don’t use a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, I spend time getting to know each of my students as much as I can until I can make a custom lesson plan based on their unique goals and challenges.

For older kids and adults I throw out those old slow and ineffective method books. I figure out your goals, and what kind of music you love. Whether it’s how to learn a tune, quickly reading music, understanding the shortcuts that music theory provides, or much more. Then I apply my own finely tuned methods to get you there as soon as possible.

For younger kids I use a series of method books that move faster, challenging them to think creatively and musically rather than just learning boring songs week after week.

One of the reasons I’ve worked so long and hard is so I can teach you quickly and efficiently and then move you on to higher levels of playing.

Become A Player, Creator or Improvisor Focusing The 3 Milestones of Musical Mastery




When you focus on the three milestones of musical mastery, learning music and reaching deeper levels of understanding becomes easy. Focusing on these three aspects of mastery, musicians can quickly gain ability and the power to convey emotions through their music.

Achieving musical freedom and gaining the ability to express yourself through your music is simply amazing. When done right, most students manage to quickly achieve new levels of playing and understanding, to the point that they can do things that they never thought possible.

The Great Advantage Of Personalized Music Lessons. Right in Irvine, CA

I’m a content writer for free music lessons on a popular piano and music lessons website, so I’ve seen first hand how good some of this content is. Free online piano and music lessons are a great tool and you should definitely take advantage of it. But, it is not possible to fit every little detail on every post to cater to everyone’s needs!

Our private lessons allow me to evaluate your situation and develop a custom lesson plan–To get you the results you’re looking for even if you’re lacking the fundamental skills that could be inhibiting your musical freedom.

Custom Format & Location: Online Or In Person

1 on 1 Private Music Lesson

Let’s meet for your 1 on 1 music lessons in-home or at any location of your choosing in Orange County, CA – From San Clemente to Irvine areas (and everything in between). You can come to me or I can come to you for an additional fee based on distance.

Online Virtual lessons are also offered for Music Theory and Piano Lessons

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