Many teachers (online and in-person) unfortunately either focus on traditional ways of teaching and their lessons are usually slow-paced or boring, or they don’t know enough to really teach you some of the more advanced concepts well.

Even still, many of them are probably great musicians and play well. Yet, that’s not enough when you want to help someone else become a musician.

What makes my methods different?

When I initially began learning music, I wasn’t really motivated, probably because I hated the lessons. I took lessons from a variety of teachers, and it wasn’t until I studied with one teacher in particular who took a different approach that everything changed for me. – She ditched the boring music books and let me bring in different songs I liked. Then everything clicked!

Today, that’s why I do things differently from the very start. First, by tailoring each lesson to the needs of each of my students and focusing on their personal interests. I manage to make classes more engaging and musically interesting. Besides, to get the best results I emphasize what other teachers don’t.

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to study privately and in colleges for decades with some of the best teachers both in southern California and all over the world via online lessons. It all started out from a strong desire to understand the fundamental inner workings of music and end my confusion about how to achieve many different musical skills. I grabbed onto the new, different information and perspectives the different professors brought out. I studied and combined what I learned from my many teachers as well as from my own studies, discoveries, and experience – Today I also love to share that insight with my students.

The 3 Milestones of Mastery For Your Musical Goals




The three milestones of musical mastery are Knowledge, Understanding, and Application. Really, they are the milestones to mastering anything. While focusing on these milestones it becomes easier to progress and even reach new levels of musical understanding. Just like any other method around, focusing on milestones doesn’t get you results overnight. However, growth is noticeable and exponential. In a short amount of time, you can reach musical mastery.

I’ve been teaching for many years and have taught dozens of students, tailoring to the needs of each one. Many have loved their results and have progressed tremendously in a short period of time.

They are able to understand how to introduce musicality into their music and understand the music theory, achieving skills such as:

I Believe That Music Is Meant To Be Shared

I’ve been playing piano professionally for almost a decade. I’ve had opportunities to work with many great musicians in the industry, played many types of gigs and concerts, from a cocktail jazz pianist at a restaurant, to performing original piano concertos with an orchestra. Feel free to listen to some of the music I love to play and create.

If you want to hear more of my music, you can check out my content on InstagramFacebook, and Youtube.

I love sharing my passion with others and teaching them to understand the nitty-gritty of music and how it works. When they start seeing results it’s a feeling like no other. Music is meant to be shared!

I’ve been inspired by all different types of composers, musicians, and musical styles: The Piano Guys, Tom Brier, Jarrod Radnich, Franz Liszt, Mozart, Chopin, Oscar Peterson, Scott Joplin, Jonny May, various pop artists, and many more.

I started to use music theory knowledge and teachers to analyze the styles that I loved. I felt that each of these styles evoked a different yet beautiful emotion, from baroque, classical, romantic, ragtime, jazz, blues, pop, rock, hip hop, and many more! This diverse range of inspirations in music is what led me to want to play and teach in so many styles.

After doing so, I attempted to improvise and write and arrange in these styles. I started realizing that most of them carried many of the same principles. You just had to apply the specific patterns that defined each style!

Taking on more and more challenging music with different techniques, I developed a drive to learn to do things people generally believed you have to be “born with the talent” to do. I don’t believe in that idea. Rather, I believe it is accessible to anyone willing to work hard.

Anyone Can Accomplish These Things With The Right Tools, Hard Work, And Patience

As I young teenager I wanted to learn the toughest pieces, from Franz Liszt etudes to learning music my teacher said “only a computer could play.”

I discovered the technique of arranging and found video game music (the music I loved as a kid and brought to my teacher) where people took the original song and added and changed different aspects (whether texture, notes, tempo, style, adding runs, fills, etc.). They usually not just increased the difficulty but also the beauty, making it sound more like an incredible etude from a classical composer or a lounge in the 1930s rather than a video game song.

I started to practice more and became motivated in all aspects of the music. In a short amount of time, the hard work paid off; I started playing at a high level. Meanwhile, I started to appreciate the emotional power of the music and sought to understand the music and why it worked.

That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy teaching so much. Because I love seeing the joy in people’s eyes when it finally clicks for them!

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